A flutter spoon is different than most traditional lures. It is not designed to be cast out and retrieved. Like most aspects of fishing your catch rate will be dependent on the time you spend fishing and understanding the lure. Fishing a flutter spoon can be as simple as dropping it to the bottom and lifting your rod in long sweeps to bring it off the bottom. The fish will often hit on the fall so careful attention must be paid to the amount of slack in the line. You do not want your line to be tight limiting the spoons action but at the same time you want to be able to feel a strike. In general flutter spoons are fished when you are marking fish in the mid to bottom portions of the water column. Ideally you want to find fish that are feeding under bait such as a bunker school. The spoon will look like an injured baitfish falling out of the school/pod. When the fish are very active your lure may not even hit the bottom before being picked up. A good spoon bite will have everyone on board hooking and the chaos of double and triple headers is not uncommon.

About the author : Ryan Ahern

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